PKM Penerapan Aplikasi Point Of Sales(POS) pada Toko Sejahtera Retail Namorambe Deli Serdang Sumatera Utara

Junus Sinuraya, Marliana Sari, Makmur Tarigan

  • Junus Sinuraya Politeknik Negeri Medan
  • Marliana Sari Politeknik Negeri Medan
  • Makmur Tarigan Politeknik Negeri Medan
Keywords: Service, Point Of Sales, Prosperous Shop


The purpose of this activity is to apply the Point of sale application in the Prosperous Shop business in accordance with business needs so that it needs to compete with modern supermarkets not far from the location and overcome the difficulties of stock, cashier payments are still calculated using a calculator. In the present era of the industrial revolution 4.0, business ventures in the use of technology to alleviate the role of humans for reasons of speed and verification are very important, otherwise the business cannot compete with businesses that apply technology. Convenience Stores are a growing retail business in this area but with the advent of modern supermarket development it is necessary to add services to customers. In this business, there is a very important problem to be solved, namely all operational processes are still carried out conventionally. The goal of service is customer service or cashier payment. The problems are solved by stages namely preparation, implementation and evaluation. Prepare by conducting site surveys and interviews with partners, analyzing partner needs, designing and building applications. The implementation is carried out by implementing the application and training the application. Evaluation of this activity produces results and benefits for partners to improve competitiveness with modern supermarkets and facilitate cashier payments. The result of this community service activity is the application of the Point of Sales application to the Prosperous Shop Business so that it can compete with modern supermarkets and improve customer service, facilitate stock processing and sales reporting.

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