Sistem Pakar Diagnosis Kerusakan Pada Mesin Hoisting Crane

  • Mamed Rofendi Manalu Manajemen Informatika, AMIK Imelda
  • Indra Swanto Ritonga Manajemen Informatika, AMIK Imelda
  • Siddik Karo-Karo Perekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan Imelda
Keywords: Hoisting Crane Machine, Expert System, Damage Diagnosis


Considering the dangers that may arise from damage to the hositing crane machine, damage can load which happens to fall so that it can cause damage not only to the load but also to the human soul associated with it. Because this is me who submitted an approved application for software that has been specifically designed to be able to diagnose damage to a hositing crane machine. Through several studies on one of the hoisting crane machinery companies namely PT. Engineer Budi. There is on the construction of an expert system to assist experts in carrying out their routine tasks in analyzing the damage to machines that lift cranes.


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