Hubungan Minat dengan Kemampuan Berpikir Kritis Program Lintas Minat

  • Ewi Mellysa STIKes Imelda
Keywords: interest, critical thinking, biology, moving class


This study aims to determine the relationship between interest (X1) with the ability to think critically (Y) class X Social Sciences (SS) on the biology study program moving class based on interests. This study is the use of descriptive correlation study. The research sample is taken with a total sampling technique that is all class X SMA Negeri 1 Galang. Data collection techniques such as critical-thinking skills test, the scale of interest. Data analysis technique used is to make use of correlation and regression formula. For SS the conclusion is that there is a relationship of interest with critical-thinking skills correlation value of 0.402 with a regression equation Ŷ = 44.322 + 0, 461X1, self-concept relationship with the critical-thinking skills with a 0.403 correlation value regression equation Ŷ = 46.533 + 0,447X2.


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