Hubungan Pengetahuan Ibu Hamil Tentang Antenatal Care dengan Jumlah Kunjungan Antenatal Care Di Desa Laut Dendang Kecamatan Percut Sei Tuan Kabupaten Deli Serdang Medan Tahun 2019

  • Maulina Mawaddah Akademi Kebidanan Hafsyah Medan
Keywords: Antenatal Care, Number of Antenatal Care Visits


Pregnancy is a natural event, however 15% of all pregnancies will develop into complications related to pregnancy, both directly and indirectly. For this reason Antenatal Care during
pregnancy is very important, because Antenatal Care can detect early pregnancy complications. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between knowledge of pregnant women about Antenatal Care and the number of Antenatal Care visits.The design in this study is analytical with a cross sectional approach. The total population of 53 samples was carried out by total sampling technique. Analyze data with chi-square.Based on the results of the study obtained from 53 respondents the majority were 20-25 years old is 25 people (47.25%), had high school education 29 people (24.7%), had no children 17 people (32.1%), and gestational age was in the trimester 3 as many as 23 people (24.4%), and good knowledge of 31 people (58.5%). The majority of visits are in accordance with the gestational age of 40 people (75.5%). Based on the results of statistical tests there is no relationship between the knowledge of pregnant women about Antenatal Care with the number of Antenatal Care visits with p = 0.108> 0.05.Thus the level of adherence of mothers to come to visit each recommended by midwives is a supporting factor for reasons for visiting without knowing the meaning at each visit. For that midwives are expected to provide health education about Antenatal Care, Antenatal Care goals and Antenatal Care visit schedules so that each visit do useful pregnant women. Pregnancy visits can monitor the progress of pregnancy and produce healthy mothers and babies.


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