Sistem Pakar Forward dan Backward Chaining Visualisasi 2D untuk Penentuan Minat dan Bakat Anak Remaja

  • Devri Suherdi Manajemen Informatika, Politeknik Ganesha Medan
  • Syarifah Fadillah Rezky Manajemen Informatika, Politeknik Ganesha Medan
Keywords: Expert Systems, Applications, Interests & Talents, Forward & Backward Chaining, 2 Dimensions


As a matter of pride, parents certainly want the best results for their teenagers in choosing the way forward to continue to higher education. But sometimes parents don't understand their children's talents and interests. Unwittingly what happens next is the desire of parents who are greater than the desires of their children. Public education is a method used by universities in directing students to a particular competency, where each type of specialization offered will determine the direction of the adolescent who chooses according to existing level of ability and competence. There are 3 types of majors in the Polytechnic of Ganesha, many of which are found that some of the teenagers who have graduated from high school / vocational school have chosen the wrong direction or even misplaced their future direction to choose majors in accordance with the soft skills and skills they have. Applications made based on expert systems, which mimic the way of thinking of an expert in analyzing a problem and finding conclusions. The purpose of this system is to design and create an expert system that is expected to be able to identify the compatibility of interests and talents possessed by a teenager in choosing a department in college. Inference method (Reasoning) uses Forward Chaining and Searching methods using depth first search, whereas in the process of intelligence calculation qualitative methods are used which are using probabilities with a value approach of 1 and 2 with results such as match presentations plus suggestion suggestions.


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