Penerapan CRC 32 dalam Pengecekan Kesalahan pada Pengiriman File

  • Pristiwanto STMIK Budi Darma Medan
Keywords: CRC 32, File, Delivery, Data Communication


Error often occurs in sending data, where the error is caused by interference at the physical level, namely interference with the transmission line media, such as interference with
electromagnetic radiation, lightning or interference caused by noise. This interference causes the information received does not match the information sent. CRC 32 is one method that can be used to detect errors in that information. Basically CRC 32 uses a mathematical calculation of a number called a checksum (also called a CRC value), which is made based on the total bits to be transmitted. Cyclic Redundancy Check is only able to detect but unable to correct bit errors. However, the advantage of Cyclic Redundancy Check is that CRC is able to detect errors in large capacities. Input and output data in the Cyclic Redundancy Check method must be numbers 0 and 1.


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