Screening Plagiarism

Intentional or not, plagiarism is a serious offense. Plagiarism is copying ideas, text, data, and other creative work (e.g. tables, figures, and graphs) and presenting them as original research without proper citations. We define plagiarism as a case where a paper reproduces another work with at least 15% similarity and no citations.

If evidence of plagiarism is found before/after acceptance or after publication of the paper, the author will be offered the opportunity for rebuttal. If the arguments are not satisfactory, the manuscript will be withdrawn and the author will be penalized from publishing the paper for a period to be determined by the responsible Editor.

Screening for plagiarism
Manuscripts submitted to this journal will be screened for plagiarism using the plagiarism checker x. Plagiarism Checker X provides tools to help with originality checks to prevent plagiarism, check for citation errors or inappropriate copying with personalized feedback.