Peer Review

Jurnal Ilmiah Perekam dan Informasi Kesehatan Imelda adopts a blind review process which the editors monitor closely. Editors conduct editorial analysis, before submitting it to the review process, to determine the content and form of submission. The analysis process does not accept manuscripts which do not meet the scientific criteria.

The pre-review of the article would be undertaken to see the suitability of the page format, photos, charts, citations and reference list, as well as the articles' systematic writing. The monitoring of the plagiarism aspect was performed via a search on Google Scholar and the plagiarism checker x.

The Editor will inform you as soon as possible of the analysis results, ideally within 4-6 weeks.

Reviewers may request a re-examination after the author revises the article. The decision to accept the article is the Chief Editor's authority, based on the reviewers' recommendations.

Submission & Peer Review Process (Key Steps)

  1. Author submits all required materials, including copyright form, and separate cover letter.
  2. The submitted article is first checked by the editor(s) in terms of whether it is within the broad scope of the journal and has sufficient merit. Editor(s) also pay attention to the readability, grammar and usage before considering for formally initiating the review process. The author will be informed quickly if their paper is rejected at this stage. Also there will be technical rejection if authors give their names and affiliations in the main manuscript, the tables and figures as indicated in the text is missing or have not followed instructions to authors.
  3. After initial approval by the editor, Completed submission is sent out to two or three reviewers.
  4. Reviewers review the article and send it back to the editorial office for processing.
  5. After initial review, Editor-in-Chief releases reviews to authors.
  6. Authors are asked to respond to reviewers and make necessary corrections.
  7. Article is sent out for re-review.
  8. Editor-in-Chief may accept, reject, accept with minor alterations, or sent out for third review.
  9. If accepted, author must submit final version. Version will be added to "in-press" queue with publisher.
  10. Prior to publication, publisher will sent galleys to authors. No edits may be made after galleys are approved.