Writing Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts written for Imelda's Scientific Journal of Health Information and Recorders include the results of Medical Records. Manuscripts are written in two languages, Indonesian and English.

  2. The Scientific Journal of Recording and Health Information Imelda did not receive manuscripts via email. Manuscripts must be submitted through the web system / Open Journal System (OJS). For those who have never registered, please register first or see the video tutorials that have been provided on the website.

  3. Manuscripts are sent in the form of *.doc files.

  4. The length of the manuscript is expected to be no more than 10 pages.

  5. Manuscript writing must follow the rules provided in the Imelda Scientific Journal of Health Information and Recorder template. Please download the Login Template at this link.

  6. The writing of the manuscript is recommended with the following structural sections: Introduction - Research Methods - System Design (optional) - Results and Discussion - Conclusions. Clear theorems do not need to be written down, simply quoted when needed. Unclear evidence or theory, which the author clarifies by expanding it can be added after the Introduction.

  7. The citations and bibliography used should be within the last 5 years and come from reputable journals. Journal bibliography at least 80% of what was written.

  8. When submitting a manuscript, it is also mandatory to submit a statement of publication ethics and a copyright agreement. More detailed publication ethics can be found at this link. Such publication ethics statements are expected to be read, followed and signed prior to submission. The publication ethics statement can be downloaded at this link. while the copyright agreement can be downloaded at this link.

  9. Each manuscript in the Login Journal will be reviewed by reviewers using a double-blind review system. All review processes are carried out online through the web system and the development of the manuscript can be monitored by the author through the web system.

  10. The time each manuscript is sent from the time it is declared accepted by the editorial staff will not be the same depending on the review process of each manuscript. The editors cannot guarantee an exact publication time when a new manuscript is submitted by the author.

  11. Print checking and editing is carried out by the editor and/or by involving the author. Editors can cancel the loading of manuscripts that are already in print if they are found to have problems.

  12. Everything related to licensing for citations or the use of computer software for the production of manuscripts or other matters relating to intellectual property rights carried out by the author of the manuscript, along with all legal consequences that may arise because of it, are the full responsibility of the writing of the manuscript.